This is my first article in this blog. So, let me talk about myself. What is special about me?

For typing, I use Dvorak keyboard layout for English and 双拼 (Double PinYin) input method for Chinese. For living a life, I sometimes intentionally use my left hand/leg though I am a pure righty. For interests, I always pay attention to something that does not have immediate value, such as the patterns and regularities hidden behind the appearance. I had a Bachelor’s degree in Physics but I believe reincarnation (it is so obvious to me now). I am a Buddhist but open to any ideas.

I kind of identify myself as an INFJ  (MBTI type indicator). This type of person typically wants to express the thoughts and emotions on the inner level through writing. Very often, an INFJ thinks too deep, and it would be difficult to express ideas just “randomly” through speech.

For this blog, I would mainly stick to my professional career. I would like to write ideas about petroleum engineering, energy industry, simulation, etc here. Hopefully I will start to fill this website by articles soon and make this blog a better one.

Writing can force myself thinking in a more logical way. Dedication to topics related to my career plays a role as a restriction so that I won’t think too far and get myself lost.

Hiking in Mt. Diablo SP